International Francophonie day 20th of March18/02/2021

To celebrate the French language and the Francophone culture, join us for the International Francophonie day on the 20th March!

The WBI Francophonie department and the OIF organize a vibrant cultural event online to honor artists from the FWB (Wallonie-Brussels) and the Francophone space.

Dive in the Francophone insightful journey designed by Bruno Coppens, a Belgian comedian-humorist.

From this event, you can expect :

  • African dances (Serge Aimé Coulibaly Cie Faso dance theatre, Burkina Faso);
  • Circus arts (Francophone Africa);
  • Slam poetry (Steve Gagnon, Canada Quebec);
  • Clips from the famous films of Belgian-Tunisian director Hinde Boujemaa;
  • Rumba sequences (DGWB in Kinshasa);
  • Humorous sequences (Thomas Wiesel, French-speaking Switzerland);

From the 18th of March you will be able to watch this colorful movie. Save the date!