Food & Ingredients Industry - 2020 Trade Mission Norway - Denmark26/02/2020

Together with Wagralim, the Walloon cluster dedicated to the food-processing industry, we are organising a trade mission in the field of the food and ingredients industry.

The mission will take place in Denmark and in Norway from the 26th to the 30th of January 2020.

A delegation of walloon companies active in the sector will participate in different meetings in Aarhus and then in the Oslo Region (Ås and Hamar).

It will be a great opportunity for them to learn more about the Scandinavian market and to meet important actors such as local clusters, companies and universities.

If you are interested, you can register via the link below.

You will find all the participants in the brochure below.

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Dominique BLANQUET (Oslo) or Éric LEJEUNE (Belgium)


Dominique BLANQUET - Oslo - oslo@awex-wallonia.com | Éric LEJEUNE - Belgium - e.lejeune@awex.com