Dance event - Le Chant des ruines13/10/2020

The Belgian dance company Compagnie Michèle Noiret will present his performance ‘Le Chant des ruines’ :

  • on the 29th and 30th of October at Bærum Kulturhus, both performances starting at 19:30
  • on 3rd and 4th of November at Bölgen Kulturhus in Larvik. Two performances for upper secondary-school students and one for public


Throughout the piece Le Chant des ruines, five characters dive into the ambient chaos that confuses those around them. When the situation appears inexorable, can one rhapsodise over escape and devise solutions for breaking out? How does one cope with these interior upheavals that this chaos provokes? 
Le Chant des ruines turns an inquiring gaze to our society in perpetual transformation. 
In a purified stage set-up, light and interactive, Michèle Noiret, in collaboration with David Drouard, reinvents her choreographic composition and her way of fusing the languages of dance and cinema, which characterises her work with her company for many years.


Please note that a special discount of 30% on the ordinary ticket-price (NOK 285 instead of NOK 395) will be offered to the Belgian expats living in the greater capital area / Eastern Norway. This offer is only valid on the Thursday 29th. The link below takes you directly to the web ticket booth of Bærum Kulturhus: